What To Expect on You First Visit

nucca x-rayWe will be expecting you when you arrive for your first visit with us, and will have standard forms ready for you to fill out.

The purpose of the first visit is to answer the 4 questions that in our experience most people want answered:

1. Can you help me?
2. How long will it take?
3. When will I feel better?
4. How much will it cost?

During the complimentary consultation, Dr. Sondhi will sit down with you and ask a lot of questions to get to the bottom of the issue. Dr. Sondhi is a  real stickler for detail and wants to know all important information related to the history of your condition and overall health.

Next, Dr. Sondhi will carefully examine your spine, performing any orthopedic or neurologic tests if  necessary to help determine the root cause of the problem. (The patient does not need to disrobe during any part of the exam or treatment.)

If at the end of the consultation the Doctor feels like he can help you, and will accept your case, he will let you know. If he cannot help you he will certainly let you know that too.

The Doctor will advise you of exactly what your condition is in terms that you can understand, and the cause. He will also advise you of the estimated time period to achieve the best possible results, and when you can expect to start feeling better.

Lastly, he will clearly explain all costs involved so that you are fully informed.  It is very important to Dr. Sondhi that there are no hidden fees or surprise costs.

He is also concerned with keeping costs down. That’s why he will never recommend any treatment unless absolutely necessary.

If at the end of the consultation Dr. Sondhi feels he can help you, and will accept your case, he will let you know.  If he cannot help you, he will certainly let you know that too.  You are under no obligation to start treatment.

If you agree to start treatment, you will have the opportunity to start treatment on the first visit.  The treatment typically lasts about 7-10 minutes.  The total time for the first visit including treatment is approximately 40 minutes.

First Treatment

During the treatment, you will be sitting in a comfortable chair.  Dr. Sondhi will be standing beside or behind you.  Using only his fingertips, he will rest his hands gently in the area of your shoulders and/or neck.

Patients will feel nothing more than the Doctor’s hands gently resting during the treatment.  It is common for patients to feel quite relaxed during the treatment and even fall asleep.  There is no twisting, cracking, popping or any other movements during the treatment.  Most patients say that they didn’t feel anything, until the following days after treatment.

At the conclusion of the first treatment, Dr. Sondhi will discuss with you what to expect over the next few days, and any instructions to follow.

His primary goal is to bring the body into  balance, so that the body is able to heal itself to a pain free position, with as few visits as possible.




A gentle kind of treatment care focused on the healing the root cause of pain. No “popping” or “cracking” involved.

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